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Cheapest Insurance for your Car!

Get Comprehensive and Third party rates quickly with the lowest premium. Have your policy issued within an hour. Apply for Insurance now and get 10% Off all MySyara services on the App!

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Cheapest Insurance for your Car!

Get Comprehensive and Third party rates quickly with the lowest premium. Have your policy issued within an hour. Apply for Insurance now and get 10% Off all MySyara services on the App!

insurance uae car

What is car insurance?

Put simply, Car insurance covers damage to your car and financially protects you if you are held accountable for someone else's injuries or damages. Medical expenditures may also be covered by auto insurance if you or your passengers are harmed in an accident or if you are struck by an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Your insurance covers you up to specific restrictions that you and your insurer have agreed upon. Automobile insurance, like health insurance, is required by RTA legislation in the UAE for all car owners. So, whether you reside in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai, if you don't have auto insurance, you might face severe penalties.
How does car insurance work?


When you get automobile insurance, you will choose your coverage limits and deductible. If you are involved in an automobile accident and submit a claim, you will be required to pay a deductible before receiving coverage under your policy.

If you have a large deductible, your auto insurance premium may decrease, but you may incur greater out-of-pocket claims payments. The converse is true if you pick a smaller deductible, which may result in reduced out-of-pocket payments, but your premium may rise.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Third party Car Insurance.
  • Over 20+ Insurance companies
  • Lowest Car Premium
  • 10% Off all MySyara services on the App.
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What does Car Insurance cover?


Your car insurance can help you cover different costs if you get into an accident. Car insurer offer different car insurance coverages that you can add to your policy, such as:

Medical payments coverage

Collision coverage

Bodily injury liability insurance

Auto property damage liability

Free roadside assistance

Free Oman cover

Premium ‘A’ list garage network

Easy Claim process

Wide Range Of Car Services

Quick & easy to book a car service appointment online

Why Choose Us?

One-stop, Convenient, Quick, Affordable, Sustainable
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How It Works

Book Car Service online in 3 simple steps
Select Desired Services
Choose Date & Time
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What Our Clients Say About Us

We believe every customer deserves a WOW, and always aim for that

Riddhi Shah

Booked my service on the MySyara app. Had my car picked up and serviced with no hassles and dropped off within 4 hours. The price was reasonable considering the service quality and quick turn around time.

Yasir Khan

As a personal trainer my schedule is tight. MySyara helped me schedule car washes while I was training my clients. The service was excellent and was a fan of not being in the usual car wash line.

Arun Tewary

I gave my Nissan Patrol to MySyara 2 days back for some maintenance work. They were so prompt professional and reasonable that it’s hard to believe. Entire operation was carried out by them in a spotless manner, right from picking up my car from my place, regular updates, suggestions and timely job completion and delivery. The team was simply superb, so courteous and friendly. Most definitely I will continue to use the services of MySyara always.

Anum Mirza

I needed my car battery changed and they sorted everything out for me in a matter of minutes. I was extremely impressed by how transparent they were and how they went out of their way to educate me about the different batteries and their impact on the car. For someone who knows next to nothing about cars, I think I have found my go-to for all car related inquiries as they provide a large array of services. Their professionalism and honesty is refreshing and is an added bonus to their impeccable service.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose MySyara?

With MySyara, you get on-demand car care with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As industry professionals we are able to solve any problem with your car, all the while aiming to give you the best possible car care experience. Our experienced employees have over 100 hours of training, background checks, and full insurance policies.

Service Related

How Long Does It Take to Get Car Insurance?

We make it simple for you to find the ideal auto insurance. You may acquire a vehicle insurance coverage in a matter of minutes through MySyara either by calling us or by just a touch from our mobile app. Either way, we promise to get you a quote within an hour. 

What are other added benefits?

Getting your car insured through Mysyara also comes with additional perks. You avail 10% discount on every service Mysyara has to offer. These cover everything from car wash to car repair. Premium ‘A’ list garage network makes sure you get the best service from Mysyara. Not only this, free road side assistance is also there to make this deal sweeter. 

In which areas are you available?

We currently provide all our services in Dubai. We provide car servicing & diagnostics in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. We provide wash & detailing services in Trivandrum & Kochi. Coming soon to other cities!

Can I cancel or reschedule an order?

Yes, you may cancel / reschedule an order by contacting us & stating the same. You may also choose to cancel an order directly via the app (in order details section).

Where to enter the referral code?

Referral code can only be entered at the time of registration / sign up. However, if you’ve just registered and forgot to enter the code, you can simply contact us and provide us your special referral code & we’ll help apply the offer benefits to your account immediately.

I registered with a referral code but don't see the offer prices / benefits

The discounted prices or offers will automatically apply against the respective services on the order preview page (Select location & services Schedule date & time Order preview page)

Where to enter the voucher code?

Voucher code can be entered on the order preview / confirmation page. 1. Select location & services 2. Schedule date & time 3. Order preview page.

Payment Queries

What payment methods do you offer?

  • Online Card Payment (Visa & Master)
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Cash On Delivery (POS Machine)
  • Online Payment (Credit/Debit Card, UPI, Net Banking)
  • Cash On Delivery

What is payment authorisation?

Once you authorise an online payment, the funds are reserved on your card but not deducted right away. The deduction takes place when we capture the payment, which is done only after service delivery. Authorisation is automatically reversed when you cancel the order.

Is it safe to save my card details?

Your card details are safely stored with bank-grade security with our PCI DSS level 1 compliant payment gateway providers. MySyara does not have access to any sensitive card data.

Referral Program

What is the Referral Program?

At MySyara, we believe sharing is caring, which is why our referral program rewards you for referring friends and family to our app. Just click on `Refer a friend` or the gift icon inside the app to see what we have in store for you and your close ones! 

What are the benefits of referring others?

If a new user joins with your referral code at sign-up, you & your friend will receive following benefits:
  • You: AED 50 credits
  • Friend: AED 25 credits
  • You: INR 100 credits
  • Friend: INR 50 credits
A user can only avail credits upto 15% of the order amount, rounded up to the nearest 5, subject to a maximum of (AED / INR) 100, per order. Referral benefits and credit limits may change without notice, kindly refer to the app for the latest benefits. Also note that the referred user should be from the same country as yours, otherwise no benefits will be granted.